Logo Shimizu

Industrial Equipment and Tools

It has 39 years participating of the history of Brazil, the M.SHIMIZU Electric and Pneumatic it reaffirms its proposal to act with security, respect, agility and effectiveness.

They are our goals:
- To guarantee the quality of the given services, for the constant update and qualification technique of the body of employees.
- Continuously to improve the customer service, guiding and respecting its interests and necessities.
- To give a differentiated attendance, with rapidity and security.
- To assume with responsibility our function, surpassing the expectations of that in us they trust.


SQnet ?

processes, speeds up, optimization...

The system of acquisition of SQnet measures is a complete solution developed for the M Shimizu for verification and data-collecting of the process of squeeze “Inspection” and management of the production results.

The SQnet stores and processes the data surveyed during the measurement in the use place, facilitating and speeding the analysis of the data received from the acquisition system, optimizing the taking of decision thus reducing the procedural costs providing a bigger integrity to the solution.